New clarinet!

New site, new clarinet.  Spring is in the air, and renewal is all around us, etc., etc.

This is a silver-plated R13, fairly unremarkable as these things go, but good & solid.  It’s brand new, which is kinda cool, and sports the apparently new Buffet logo (which I found weirdly disorienting at first).  It sounds good, and plays nice, so here we go.

I loved my former clarinet, also an R13.  I’d had a lot of custom work done on it over the years, had a Backun barrel, and a mouthpiece I knew and trusted.  Then I lost it.  The details aren’t important, but it was an extremely disheartening event.  Anyhow, this new clarinet reminds me a lot of that instrument, and I imagine the new one would sound very close to the old one if I had the same mouthpiece-barrel combination again.  As it is, with the current mouthpiece (formerly my backup, a design by Bradford Behn), it sounds a bit brighter than my old setup, which may actually be a good thing.  So far I’m not planning on making any mouthpiece changes because (1) I just bought a clarinet, and they’re roughly 2x more expensive than the last time I bought one, so I can’t really afford a mouthpiece search at the moment; and (2) I’d like to see where a potentially new sound might lead.

So hooray for a new clarinet!

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