New site!

Greetings, friends! Moving from Seattle to the Bay Area, changing jobs, and having kids all messed up my routines in a big way. One of those changes was that my old web hosting plan lapsed about 2 years ago or so because it was so incredibly far down on the priority list that … well it was definitely in the “don’t care” category for a long time. Finally now, as I begin to emerge partially from the mental chaos that characterizes raising young kids, I’m starting to try to put my site back together. All the main bits of info are here from the old site. The main new wrinkle is that for the first time I’m going to try having a blog be part of the site. I don’t think of myself as much of a writer, but I do have thoughts I’d like to express from time to time, thoughts that usually don’t quite fit into the weird mob-space that Facebook has become.

So check it out from time to time and comment if you like. Later!