Some nice things folks have said about music I’ve made.

…pensive, melodic…mellifluous…

Eddie Becton, All About Jazz, LA

Clarinetist Jesse Canterbury gets an equal share of the solo space on [Tom Baker Quartet’s] “Look What I Found” and uses it to identify himself as one of the best new improvising clarinetists around. Possessing a round, woody tone and an agile, quick-witted technique, Canterbury’s relaxed approach and limitless well of ideas provide numerous highlights…
-Dave Wayne,

Friday night’s concert (at the 18th Seattle Improvised Music Festival) began with an astounding set from two Seattle improvisers, Jesse Canterbury (clarinet) and Tari Nelson-Zagar (violin). Testing their instruments’ possibilities, the duo explored musical relationships that were at once harmonious and discordant. At one point, the violin maintained a drone while the clarinet hit related and unrelated pitches. One of their most exciting passages occurred when Canterbury and Nelson-Zagar went tobogganing down an avalanche of musical invention at different tempos.
– Bill White, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

…sublime…virtuosos Jesse Canterbury and Tari Nelson-Zagar…
– Christopher DeLaurenti, The Stranger, Seattle

Praise for collage/décollage:

“Smith and Canterbury are masters at their craft, producing sounds that seem impossible to imagine. They go beyond the usual bag of trick — in addition to microtones and multiphonics, they play half-clarinets, alter their clarinets with corks, Harmon mutes, and PVC pipe, and punctuate the music with tapping, stomping, and vocal interjections…the sounds are amazing and fascinating…”
-American Record Guide

“In all of the works contained on collage/décollage, extended techniques are part of a broader musical language and vision that transcends the unusual nature of the clarinet sounds. It is a CD that should be considered a must for any collection.”
The Clarinet