Ascendant was recorded in the Dan Harpole cistern, a two-million gallon concrete cylinder buried underground on the grounds of Fort Worden in Port Townsend, Washington (it was originally built as an emergency water supply storage for soldiers stationed at Fort Worden in the early 1900s).  It’s an incredible space — 40 full countable seconds of reverb, very good to clarinets. We — that is, myself and Greg Sinibaldi — came up with some fantastic music, mostly for duo bass clarinets, but including some regular Bb clarinet & tenor saxophone here and there as well.

This project was the result of a brief residency at Centrum in Port Townsend in September 2011.  We recorded it all ourselves!

You can get it at Prefecture Records.  Physical (vinyl only) and digital are available.

We are indebted to Paul Kikuchi and Tiffany Lin for some great contributions to making this album a reality. Tiffany did all the design work, and I think it came out beautifully.

Here’s a video of us in the cistern, playing a piece Greg wrote called Not Forever, Just For Now: