Cipher hasn’t actually made any music in over 10 years, but I keep it listed on this site because…Cipher was great.  Clarinet, bass clarinet, and two violins.  It was like an oddly misshapen but nice-to-look-at string quartet.  We had a lot of fun and at some point I’ll make an album out of some of our old recordings.  For now, there are just the excerpts below.

Greg Sinibaldi (bass cl)

Tom Swafford (vn)

Tari Nelson-Zagar (vn)

These are all excerpts from free improvisations.

This one has a consonant ostinato in the clarinet while the bass clarinet and one violin harmonize around it, and the second violin supplies extra texture.


This one is a lot more chaotic, with everybody rushing around up high at first.  It coalesces somewhat abruptly into something with a more rhythmic feel, but still pretty abstract.


This one is pretty quiet.  The clarinet’s initial melodic line is based on Lied by Luciano Berio.