We got the band back together!

Now that COVID is mostly (?!?) behind us, me and my pals in the Tom Baker Quartet have started playing together again. Tom has written several new tunes, and they’re all amazing. We’ve been doing semi-regular rehearsals since mid-spring, and had our first “official” gig at the Royal Room in Seattle last June 1. I was a bit nervous, more so than usual — I’m still a bit rusty in some ways after a long hiatus. But the night went off really well, and in some ways I think it might be the best we’ve ever sounded, which is honestly saying a lot about a group that first started playing together in 2005.

Tom Baker Quartet at the Royal Room, June 1 2022. Photo by Lisa Hagen Glynn

We’ve got more tunes coming in from Tom, and another gig coming up, July 30 at Gallery 1412. I have to say that I feel really good and…solid…with this iteration of the group. It feels very authentic — intentional and honest. Not least, I’m sure, due to our long history together. I’m very excited to keep it going and to see where it goes next.

Tom has been posting videos from the June 1 gig on the Quartet’s website, as well as on social media. Take a look & enjoy!