Crosstalk at the Good Shephard Chapel in Seattle, December 2010. From left to right, that’s Tiffany Lin, Paul Kikuchi, Brian Cobb, and me.

We made an album back in 2010, and you can stream it for free or buy a digital copy (lossless format!) on Bandcamp here:

Buy Crosstalk’s Here/Now on Bandcamp!

Crosstalk started as a way to experiment with some different ideas I’d had about rhythm and overlaying different kinds of melodic lines, sort of distantly inspired by Anthony Braxton’s pulse-track ideas. I tried to maintain some kind of unity harmonically, often by taking some inspiration from twelve-tone techniques.

The instrumentation was clarinet, piano, bass, and drums, a combination that has always appealed to me.

I say was because the last time we played together was in 2011. But I hope to give this music a recharge sometime in the near future, because I still think it’s pretty good, and could stand some development.