Solo work

I haven’t done real solo clarinet work in a long time, at least not as defined by just me on stage either improvising or making attempts at the solo clarinet literature or both. For me the fun of that kind of work is limited, although it is useful to revisit from time to time to explore new ways of playing and expression.

The COVID pandemic gave me an excuse to pursue another line of “solo” work, namely recording myself and overlaying either more clarinet or other instruments, or whatever, and then playing around with the music post-recording. I’m a complete novice with this stuff, so for now it’s mostly confined to adding reverb, changing panning, changing EQ settings, and so on. But so far I’ve had a lot of fun with it.

During COVID, the Wayward Music series had a fantastic online series called Wayward in Limbo, and I was lucky to be able to make a contribution:

Wayward in Limbo #126

(Scroll down to the bottom to listen to the audio stream.) As I say in my little blurb on the site, there are muffled screaming solos, Feldman-esque colorings, and even some poetry. Overall I was quite happy with how it turned out.